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The "Total T'ai Chi" way is your completely integrated Life Strategy for complete wellness and longevity. The ancient Chinese called it the way to "retard old age and make Spring eternal." It incorporates seamlessly interwoven principles of nutrition, exercise, breathing yogas, and, most importantly, a relaxed and clear mindset conducive to being the "captain" of your own lifelong wellbeing and good humor. Find out more by visiting the rest of our Website!

[Note: Because the name "T'ai Chi" still has greater name recognition among the general public, I use that transcription for the Website title and the name of my Academy, and for T'ai Chi philosophy in general. In referring to specific programs or products, I use "Taiji," the correct name in pinyin transcription. I  use the spelling  "Taoist" because that has long been standard use in English.]   

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Did you ever consider what it might take to be a "real Taiji student?" I just posted a few thoughts which you might find interesting.



Paul Gallagher is working on several audio programs which will be available for instant download. More details available soon. Stay tuned!





Paul Gallagher's article "T'ai Chi and the Three Teachings" has just been re-published in the beautiful IMOS Journal of Qigong and Taiji Culture. 

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Drawing Silk, a book many readers have deemed a "classic book on Tai Chi" is now available as an E-Book:

Just click here. You will find links to the hard copy on Amazon, as well as to the e-book version, and you can download a free chapter.  


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Check out our latest blogpost, "Your Tai Chi Daily Three"--the Tai Chi Lifestyle for perfect health, clear mind, and long life.

  New posts come out every two weeks, or so at:


There are practical articles on a wide variety of subjects relating to Tai Chi practice and the Greater Tai Chi Lifestyle (tm).

The Tai Chi Master Key to Healthy Eating E-book is now available--Put on your pair of "magic spectacles" and see "diet" and nutrition in a whole new way. Cut through all the confusion, fads, and hype once and for all.  Live healthy!

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Fun and Good Humor in Virginia Beach



"The Classical Scholar..."

At  Sun Yat-Sen  Gardens, Vancouver, Canada



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