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Founder of Total T'ai Chi - Paul B. Gallagher





PAUL GALLAGHER has been researching and practicing Chinese health arts for the past 40 years.

bulletPaul is an advanced degree graduate of Harvard University, then went on to study Taiji, Qigong, Chinese medicine, movement therapies, and philosophy with a number of eminent masters including Sophia Delza, Grandmaster T.T. Liang,  B.P. Chan,      Professor Kenneth Cohen, and Sifu Ray Hayward.
bulletA Master Herbalist, Paul was also a founding faculty member of the prestigious New England School of Acupuncture near Boston, where he taught Chinese medical history and philosophy.
bulletHe is the author of Drawing Silk, a collection of writings and translations on T'ai Chi and Taoist practice, has written numerous articles, and edited T'ai Chi Ch'uan for Health and Self-Defense with Master T.T. Liang. (Published by Random House Vintage Series) 
bulletPaul has taught Taiji and Chinese health arts at Hampshire College, The University of Massachusetts, OMEGA Institute, Digital Equipment Corp., The Pfifer Wellness Institute, and at many Taiji and internal arts studios across the U.S. 
bulletPaul was a Marketing Protege and Winners' Circle Member with Marketing Genius Jay Abraham.
bulletAnd he completed the Excellence in Speaking Institute training with speaking trainer Ty Boyd. 
bulletPaul started teaching Taiji and related arts in 1972, and has taught several thousand students since that time.
bulletHis present interest centers around practical usage of the connection between intention, qi, mind, and spirit--and how to combine these  to enhance the total life experience.

            In 1997, he started the Total T'ai Chi Center in Asheville, NC, where he taught Chinese life and health arts, as well as classes in achieving positive mental focus, realizing your dreams and goals, and savoring the ongoing process of Mastery--creating the life you'd really love to live. His current interest is using the energy generated from Taiji practice to explore the "law of Attraction."

            Now semi-retired from active teaching, Paul  presents occasional seminars and coaches a few select private students. 

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