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The DVDs in this series were recorded in the mid-late 1990's and are not  up to contemporary video standards. The video and audio is clear, but certainly not HD. I have tried to remove them from the catalog several times, but each time I receive numerous e-mails from previous purchasers begging me to keep them for sale. So they are still here!

Numerous people  have told me that the instructional content is excellent, despite the somewhat outdated video, so I continue to offer them for sale.

If you don't mind sacrificing a bit of "high production" quality for excellent and clear instruction, these DVDs are for you.

Here is what one customer wrote me:

"These are the best teaching DVDs I have seen! I already knew from your book that you are a scholar and devoted student of the Tao, but your skills in communication really shine in these DVDs. You go through everything slowly and carefully, as most of the teachers so, but you are aware of so many aspects, and clarify them so simply and efficiently. I like that after you have thoroughly explained something, you go through it again, and explain it from a slightly different perspective, adding more depth to the understanding. Your students must be amazing, to have received such quality of instruction in the principles as well as technique."

~Rebecca M., Iowa~


Also, I still use the antiquated 800# ordering system for two reasons:

1)  I get to have interesting phone conversations with Taiji Players from around the world--interesting, fun, and enlightening for me.

2)  Often the person ordering has some questions about the material in the DVDs--is it appropriate for them; how can it fit in with their other studies in Taiji and Qigong, etc. I am really happy to be able to help my customers clarify their needs so they can order  DVDs which perfectly suit their requirements. 

So if you call, we may have a fascinating conversation which will benefit us both--who knows?



Video Series:

bullet FIVE ANIMAL FROLICS #1. Would  you like to get most of the renowned health benefits of Tai Chi, with a much quicker learning curve? Then check out the Five Animal Frolics, China's Earliest set of Internal Exercises, based on the Life-Enhancing Movements of the Crane, Bear, Monkey, Deer, and Tiger. A complete invigorating fitness system for both body and mind which generates energy and mental poise without ever causing strain on the heart or joints. Many qualities of T'ai Chi, but much easier to learn for young or old. This Video of the Frolics contains complete, step-by step descriptions and explicit instructions for each movement. Excellent audio and video quality, close-ups and multiple angles enable you to see and refine every detail of your movement. Recommended for new Beginners to Tai Chi or Qigong arts. Run-time is approximately 95 minutes; cost is $49.  
bulletFIVE ANIMAL FROLICS #2. Your path to effortless and enjoyable lifelong fitness! Like the preceding DVD, this video contains the entire Frolics series, but shot outdoors in a beautiful natural setting. This presentation of the Frolics is a bit more fun and less formal than Frolics # 1.  However, each Frolic variation is repeated a number of times with complete instruction and explicit detail. Good video, very good audio, but this is a one-camera shoot, not studio quality like Frolics Tape #1. Recommended for people with some experience in Tai Chi or Qigong. Run-time is approximately 90 minutes; cost is $39.
bulletTAIJI BASIC CONDITIONING AND INTERNAL TRAINING. Many American students come to Taiji with very little sense of body awareness, energy flow, or basic conditioning. If you have NO experience in martial or Qigong arts, this DVD might be right for you. In it, you can learn the Ten Basic Martial Art Exercises, a set of excellent beginning level stretching and moderate conditioning exercises, which were put together in the 1930's and taught at one of the most prestigious martial arts academies in China. Then the Eight Internal Exercises, an excellent series of Qigong exercises to create powerful qi flow and inner strength, a favorite set of the late B.P. Chan. (See "Remembering B.P. Chan" for more information about Master Chan).  Finally, the "Crown Jewel," the Twenty One Qigong Set, a profoundly powerful set which combines gentle Taiji-like movement with sophisticated breathing patterns. The "Twenty One" was once a closely guarded "secret" of the Yang Family, revealed to the world by Chen Yen Lin in his Grand compendium of Tai Chi.  Run-time is approximately 50 minutes; cost is $35
bulletTAIJI EIGHT MYSTIC MOVEMENTS. If you want to REALLY learn Taiji to a high level of internal integration (kung fu), the best way is to begin by fully absorbing the basic "Eight Energies"  into your body and psyche. In this DVD, you can learn the Eight Essential Drills of T'ai Chi, movement patterns excerpted from the Form, which are the Basic Building Blocks of Yang Style Taijiquan. movement. Then, the Four Movement T'ai Chi Circle, and finally the Eight Movement Circle. The latter two are "mini Taiji" forms, in which you can fully concentrate on vital internal connections and total "sinking and relaxing" without the added mental and physical activity of the entire Taijiquan form. These "Circles" quickly become profound Taiji meditations, enabling you to thoroughly and quickly integrate the most critical connections and energies of Taiji. Run-time is approximately 65 minutes; cost is $39.
bullet TAIJI SIXTY MOVEMENT INTERMEDIATE FORM.   This excellent T'ai Chi form for beginners incorporates all of the essential movements, and takes about 18 minutes to perform. While not as subtle and sophisticated as the full Classical 108 Movement Yang Style Form, it is a superb entry-level form. This Video presents a complete instructional description of each movement, repeated and explained in detail, as well as a demonstration of each section of this Form done at normal practicing speed. The all-important co-coordinating points WITHIN each movement are detailed with great precision. These points are seldom taught and are possibly unknown to many teachers. (It took me (Paul Gallagher) some 13 YEARS of training with eminent masters to glean these subtleties which will really make your T'ai Chi come alive and dramatically increase the health and energy effects of your practice!) They are also the basis of effective T'ai Chi defense application Run-time exceeds 135 minutes; cost is $49.
bulletTAIJI WEAPONS--CANE, SABER, AND DOUBLE EDGED SWORD.  The Weapon sets are the final stage of T'ai chi Solo Training. each weapon has its own particular function and spirit, and develops the body and QI in a different way. Starting with the Cane, a basic level weapon, progressing to the Saber, and going on to the extremely subtle and sophisticated Sword, this Video gives you complete and detailed instruction in each of these weapon sets. Run-time is approximately 60 minutes; cost is $39.
bullet108 FORM "CLASSICAL" LONG FORM YANG STYLE TAIJIQUAN.  This Video shows the entire "Long Form," done sequentially with some detail. It is not as explicitly instructed as the previous Video, but the essential co-ordination points (see T'ai Chi Tape above) are shown. This tape was originally designed for people who have a good practical knowledge of the Sixty Movement Form and who want to expand their practice into the full Long Form. But many viewers have reported that it is an excellent learning video for the 108 Classical Form  for people with no prior experience. Run-time is approximately 55 minutes; cost is $35.
bulletEIGHT ESSENTIAL MOVEMENTS--APPLICATIONS AND TRAINING METHODS.  It is one thing to know the Taiji "Forms," but quite another to really get their inner feeling, purpose, and motivation. While a beginner wants to learn the movements, the more advanced student wants to learn the best way to TRAIN  the movements for maximum effect in both Qi development and defensive application. This video will show you how to make your practice come dynamically alive with specialized training methods which instill the correct energy and internal motivation for each of Taiji's Eight Essential Moves. Run-time is approximately 35 minutes; cost is $29. 


To order, please send checks to Total Tai Chi    PO Box 2352   Fairview, NC  28730, add $6. each order for Priority Mail shipping. PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO "TOTAL TAI CHI." VISA AND MASTERCARD ARE ALSO WELCOME, Just call 1-800-274-8197 to give your VISA OR MC CARD # AND PLACE YOUR ORDER. Your DVD's will be sent immediately. Our phone machine is totally secure, so it IS safe to leave MC or VISA information if there is no one in the office when you call. We will confirm all orders by phone before shipping.


All DVD's are unconditionally guaranteed. If you are unhappy with them for any reason, just return them within 60 days and we'll refund your money. No questions asked, no hard feelings.


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